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Lewis County, Missouri was first organized as a separate county on January 2, 1833. The county was named after Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, later governor of the Missouri Territory. The third and present courthouse dates from 1875. Lewis County is one of the few remaining courthouses in Missouri dating from the 1870's.
Girl Scout Visit

A 4th grade Junior Girl Scout Troop #9079 from Canton R-V School District visited the Lewis County Courthouse in Monticello, MO to earn their Inside Government badge.  For this badge they were asked to decide what being an active citizen means to them, visit a local government site, speak with local government officials, and discuss laws.  During their visit, the girls were able to walk through the courtroom and hear about the positions and responsibilities of the various personnel in court from Jan Geisendorfer. The girls enjoyed sitting in the different seats in the courtroom and imaging themselves as the judge, lawyers, and jury.  The Girl Scouts were also able to visit with Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner, and learn about her role in government and how she supports Lewis County.

The Girl Scout troop took what they learned at the courthouse and discussed laws and being an active citizen in their regular meeting.  Next, the troop plans to develop a service project to support their community.